Author: Andrew


Hit a parked vehicle

By Andrew

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Have you ever tapped, bumped, swiped or hit a parked vehicle in a parking lot and driven away? With…

Car with a rear quarter panel dent

Should I get rental car insurance?

By Andrew

Should I purchase the rental car insurance that is offered? If you’re like us, finding a clear answer to this decision after you’ve spent…

Cars drowning in a flood zone

Does my car insurance cover water damage?

By Andrew

Some of you may be wondering, “Does my car insurance cover water damage?” If you currently carry comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, the answer…

Innocent pug sleeping over a pile of shoes

Foreign body ingestion: what every pet owner needs to know

By Andrew

We are pleased to feature a guest blog post by Dr. Ingrid Pyka* who represents VPI® Pet Insurance, a trusted partner of Answer Financial.  Last year,…