Author: Chad Catacchio

Car For Sale sign

Kelley Blue Book’s car rating shows used cars are gaining popularity

By Chad Catacchio

Kelley Blue Book (KBB), which offers regularly updated pricing for used cars, has added a “Very Good” rating in order to better reflect the…

a crashed car

Car crashes are three times costlier to cities than congestion says AAA report

By Chad Catacchio

AAA has released a report that shows that car crashes are three times costlier to American cities than traffic congestion. Based on crash and…

Classic cars parked in a row at show

Classic car insurance: How to protect your ride

By Chad Catacchio

While not for everyone, classic car collecting is a popular hobby that can entail significant financial investment over many years. If you are a…

Welcome to Alabama sign

Home insurance and moving to another state: What you need to know

By Chad Catacchio

While there are many things to consider when moving to another state, you shouldn’t forget that changing states could possibly have a large impact…

a couple raising hands inside a Jaguar E-Type convertible

How relationship status can affect your car insurance premiums

By Chad Catacchio

If you are in a legally recognized relationship – whether married, in a civil union or domestic partnership – you should be aware of…

Natural disaster struck neighborhood

Survey: homeowners insurance satisfaction has risen

By Chad Catacchio

According to the latest annual study on homeowners insurance by J.D. Power and Associates, home insurance policyholders are more satisfied with their insurance companies…

A view of an inside of an apartment

Why college students (and their parents) should consider renters insurance

By Chad Catacchio

It’s that time of year again – back to school, and for many college students that means moving into an apartment or condo. If…

Most Expensive Homeowners Insurance Claims

Most expensive home insurance claims

By Chad Catacchio

Ever wondered what home insurance gets used for? Well, we put together the infographic below to highlight the most expensive homeowners insurance claims in…

House submerged in flood

Flood insurance: 86% of homeowners don’t have it

By Chad Catacchio

Strong storms, hurricanes, overflowing rivers… Depending on where you live, your home could be prone to flooding. With that in mind, do you have…

Photo of California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones

Car insurance tips from California’s insurance commissioner

By Chad Catacchio

Dave Jones, California’s insurance commissioner, recently offered some helpful tips about shopping for auto insurance that we’d like to pass along. You can go…