Author: Laura Fuduli

truck moving slowly in flood zone

Flash floods and driving: how to stay safe

By Laura Fuduli

Driving in a storm can be a stressful experience, even for smart drivers with years of experience. The National Weather Service does its best…

foggy winding road

How smart drivers stay safe on foggy roads

By Laura Fuduli

Did you know that the DMV says the best advice for driving in the fog is to not drive at all? That’s because driving…

evening driver

Techie tips to help you be a safer driver

By Laura Fuduli

We’ve all seen that impatient driver who’s speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and slamming on their brakes during the unavoidable, rush hour…

driver with coffee cup

Feeling sleepy? how to stay alert behind the wheel

By Laura Fuduli

Many people enjoy an exciting road trip and are eager to arrive at their destination. After a fun-filled weekend, the dreaded long drive home…