CRASH! the most often damaged auto parts in collisions

CRASH! You just got in an accident, and after you confirm that no one is injured, your next thought might just be “I wonder what’s damaged?” Well, using data from thousands of crashes, we put together the following infographic to show you which parts* are most likely to need repair after a collision.

You be the judge. How does this data compare with your personal experience? Please let us know in the comments!

Please feel free to share this image (here’s a high resolution version too) wherever you wish!

*Note: Window/windshield glass was not included in the data.


  1. Emidio on March 28, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    Most states do not force you to ohcose where to take your vehicle for repairs If you use the ones your insurance companies recommend they are usually guaranteed work at 100%. If you ohcose another shop ANY!!!! errors or problems will be your responsibility. Most companies also require they insurance adjusters to look at your vehicle PRIOR to any work being performed so they know what is done before any repairs and that is normal and standard procedure. This is in your best interest as well. so it is preferred you let your company and their company look at the vehicle..estimates are just that an estimate one company may have better parts equipment software and can find cheaper local parts another may have older software and their parts have to be shipped which cost nmore and change the values of the two estimates, so estimates are usually never the same .ONCE work is performed their may also be hidden damages..this can be a cracked bumper absorner that one couldn’t see visibly so the estimate may increase..THIS IS OK if it is determined to be accident related..FYI***THERE IS A HUGE RISK IN USING SHOPS YOU CHOOSE UNLESS YOU PERSONALLY KNOW THEIR WORK *Insurance companies pay people to research and monitor body shops who they place on their lists, in most states it is illegal to get any amount of the shops profits..they are partnerred with trust and confidence and recommendations..if a shop has angry customers reviews, service and work they are quickly and easily removed because other shops WANT to be in connection with free recomendation and customers** If you go to a shop who owes back taxes it is your responsibility to ask, because the govmnt will take their back taxes due amount from any work performed by that shop If the company that you ohcose disagree’s with the bill they can hold your vehicle until their pymnt is made and won’t care if you are in the middle..If you ohcose your own shop and they pait your maroon car red is some areas it is your responsibility to get it corrected. It is not worth the risk. I ALWAYS use their shop because they have to fix the damages and return you to a rental if it is something their shop did wrong If you use your ohcosen shop good luck..sorry so long

    • Yumemi on May 16, 2012 at 12:13 am

      Usually insurance cipoanmes will not let you start a policy until you actually own the vehicle. But you can still call or talk to an agent to get a quote and then once you are actually purchasing the vehicle, you can call them and start the policy. Since you are buying a car for the first time and insurance as well, I would recommend you go to a local insurance agent and sit down with them and talk with them about the various coverages and whatnot as many cipoanmes that you call over the phone will try to sell you the cheapest insurance which does not provide good protection in the event of an accident. Also, check several different cipoanmes for quotes and make sure you get a quote with the same coverages so as to see who can offer you the best rate.