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Guest Blog Post: Answer Financial’s Priscilla Fernandez

Please introduce yourself. What is your role at Answer Financial, and how long have you been with the company? How long have you been in insurance?
Hi. My name is Priscilla Fernandez and I have been part of the Answer Financial family since March of 2010. In February, I was promoted to a Sales Manager, but prior to that I was on the Direct Referral team, working primarily with Primerica agents. I have worked in the insurance industry for the past 10 years. Prior to working at Answer Financial, I worked for 21st Century / AIG in customer service and sales as well.

What is the most essential auto insurance coverage that a driver/vehicle owner should carry? What is the most essential homeowner’s insurance coverage that a homeowner should carry?
Third party liability auto coverage with limits of 50/100 is pretty essential. Also important to keep in mind: if your policy meets your state’s minimum coverage requirements, you will be in compliance with the law, but your policy may still fall short of covering your unique essential needs in the case of an accident. I would suggest calling your local insurance agent to find out what coverages beyond your state’s requirements may be essential for you.

In regards to home insurance, having something in place to protect the dwelling is crucial. Could you imagine a fire causing $100,000 in damage? Most homeowners would not be able to afford to cover the repairs on their own. Even worse, imagine a total loss, owing thousands of dollars on a home, and in addition to that, not being able to afford to repair the damages?

What optional coverages do you suggest that people consider?
When it comes to auto insurance, you may want to consider rental reimbursement if you do not have an extra car. The last thing you would want when you get into an accident is to have your vehicle in the shop for 10+ days without having a car to use. Not only is it inconvenient, but if you choose to rent a car and pay for it out of pocket, that can be very expensive as well.

What advice would you offer to someone shopping for auto insurance for the first time? What advice would you offer to someone shopping for home insurance for the first time?
I would advise them to call Answer Financial when shopping for insurance, since we shop multiple insurance carriers.

In addition to checking with a company that shops with multiple carriers, I would recommend inquiring about a policy with adequate coverage.

When shopping for home insurance, I would suggest checking to see if bundling your auto and home insurance would save money. You may be able to get lower rates when combining policies with the same carrier.

What do you think is the most common misconception that people have about auto and home insurance?

I think that the biggest misconception is that “full coverage” covers everything without limits. If you’re involved in an accident in which you damage city property or rear-end an expensive vehicle, for example, property damage coverage of $10,000 may not cover the total extent of the damage caused.

Can you offer any special advice when it comes to insurance shopping?

Shop with Answer Financial and understand how your limits of liability work.

Can you offer any tips or tricks for saving money on auto and home insurance? What are some common discounts?
If you do not drive often, letting your agent know of your low mileage could help you get a lower rate. Also, occupation discounts can make a big difference in a premium, so letting the agent know what you do for a living is a good idea.

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