Insurance smartphone apps, email, and online chat lead to higher customer satisfaction

According to a report last month by J.D. Power and Associates, insurance customers who use emerging technologies such as smartphone applications, online chat, and email as complementary channels to interact with their insurance providers, “are significantly more satisfied than [customers] using only their purchase channel to meet their service needs.”

Translation: those who are technologically savvy tend to feel they have a much richer customer service experience if the insurance provider offers a variety of these emerging technologies to communicate with their customers.

While not all insurance companies today offer these service channels, a growing number of providers are adopting newer technologies, which include using social media interaction (via  Facebook and Twitter among other services) to answer not only individual customer inquiries/needs, but also to educate and engage with customers in a more positive and consistent manner.

The rising popularity of smartphones has also led many insurance companies to build versions of their websites optimized for mobile browsers and/or to offer dedicated “apps” that allow users to get quotes, submit claims, and manage their policies.

The report also found that many insurance companies (80%) allow users to complete their entire auto, home, and life insurance purchases online. Even customers who took the time to pick up the phone vs. purchasing a policy online, subsequently spend nearly as much time on their insurance company’s website.

So regardless of whether you prefer to use modern technologies, such as a smartphone app, or prefer an old-fashioned phone call (or a mixture of both), many insurance companies are striving hard to offer customers a variety of ways to communicate throughout the shopping experience.


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