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Should you get accidental death coverage?

A slightly obscure type of auto insurance coverage is called “accidental death” (or sometimes “automobile death indemnity”) which provides coverage for funeral expenses in the event that you or someone in your vehicle is killed, and the driver of your vehicle is at fault.

While a bit morbid, protecting your family or relatives from having to pay for your funeral expense should be something that you consider. This coverage usually is very inexpensive and offers benefits between $5,000 – $15,000 depending on the auto insurance company.

That said, there is probably a better method to covering funeral expenses with your auto insurance policy: add medical payments coverage to your policy. While slightly more expensive (depending on your coverage limits of course), medical payments coverage not only covers you for medical expenses to another party as a result of your negligence, but the coverage will most likely also cover your funeral expenses as well in the event you perish in a car accident of your own doing.

As such, medical payments coverage is a more practical choice than accidental death coverage. Of course, you could also add a life insurance policy, part of that could be used by the beneficiary to cover your funeral expenses as well.


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