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Senior Sales Leaders

Tina Samvelian
Director, Sales

Tina has over 22 years of experience in the insurance industry. She began her career with Answer in 2006 as Retention Manager in the Encino office. Tina joined the sales department in 2006 as a Sales Manager, where her team’s consistent performance earned her the role of Sales Director in 2014.

Gillian Wadley
Director, Sales & Service Operations Optimization

Gillian began her career with Answer in 2006 as a Sales Agent Trainee and has developed through virtually every position in the Sales Department to become Sales Director in Knoxville. Gillian now has the opportunity to grow the next generation of Sales Agents and Managers.

Allen Niimi
Director, Sales Learning Optimization

Allen has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. He began his career with Answer in 2008 as a Sales Agent in the California office. In 2010, Allen was promoted to Sales Manager, leading the top sales team year after year which led to his role as Director of Learning Optimization in 2019. Allen now works with Sales Agents and Sales Managers to improve individual, team and organizational performance.

“This was a very positive experience. It saved me a lot of time.”

— Robert K., Dawsonville, GA Purchased Auto Insurance for a reason other than price

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