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Flood insurance
to live life waterproofed

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Why choose Neptune Flood Insurance?

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    Standard home insurance
    doesn’t cover flood damage

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    Get coverage faster than
    government-issued plans

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    Plans are more affordable
    than most


In 2016, Neptune Flood Insurance was created by merging technology, math algorithms and insurance expertise into an innovative flood insurance product.

The result was affordable coverage for thousands of Americans – delivered in an effortless, intuitive and on-demand platform. It’s backed by some of the largest insurance markets in the world.

No photos or elevation certificates

For years, flood insurance premiums have been based on manual land surveys. The same type of surveys that George Washington performed before he became President! While they were the most accurate in 1799, the art of surveying has evolved. Neptune Flood has thrown out the paper maps for technology and is using it to save you time and money.

Advanced “space-age” technology

Neptune Flood uses the same technology used by NASA and the Navy SEALs. By using satellites and aircraft technology, light detection and remote sensing radars are integrated to provide the most accurate digital land surveys available. Better information helps identify the real cost of your insurance, saving millions of homeowners money.


Once you have secured the safety of your family, contact Neptune immediately, either by phone or email. Neptune can send emergency services to your home to minimize additional damage to your home and property.

Call: 1-888-737-7000