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Are Bicycles & Bicycle Racks Covered by Auto Insurance?

Ah! The joy of bike racks! Yes, they can be a struggle to put on your vehicle but we think its a small price to pay to keep the inside of your car dirt-free. So what [...]

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Is Insuring a Salvage Title Vehicle the Same as a Regular Vehicle?

Insuring a car with a salvage title isn’t as easy as other vehicles because their conditions (and values) can be challenging to assess. This article will share how salvage title vehicles differ from vehicles with a [...]

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Tips for Maintaining Focus While Driving

It is a multitasking, second-screen kind of world. Self-driving cars should be here by now, but they aren’t quite there yet. Those two facts add up to a great deal of pain, fatalities and loss due [...]

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International “Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day” 2014

Monday, June 16th is International “Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day” and this event piqued the interest of several co-workers here at Answer Financial who ride motorcycles and scooters. According to, the first “Ride to [...]

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Advice for Getting Out of a Ticket

It’s a terrible feeling… the red and blue lights flashing behind you, the siren, finding a safe place to pull over, the embarrassment… Luckily, you have a cool head and you’re ready to LISTEN to the police [...]

Youthful Driver
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One factor insurance companies take into consideration when determining rates is age. A “youthful driver” is ...
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