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Is Insuring a Salvage Title Vehicle the Same as a Regular Vehicle?

Insuring a car with a salvage title isn’t as easy as other vehicles because their conditions (and values) can be challenging to assess. This article will share how salvage title vehicles differ from vehicles with a [...]

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Tips for Maintaining Focus While Driving

It is a multitasking, second-screen kind of world. Self-driving cars should be here by now, but they aren’t quite there yet. Those two facts add up to a great deal of pain, fatalities and loss due [...]

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International “Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day” 2014

Monday, June 16th is International “Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day” and this event piqued the interest of several co-workers here at Answer Financial who ride motorcycles and scooters. According to, the first “Ride to [...]

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Advice for Getting Out of a Ticket

It’s a terrible feeling… the red and blue lights flashing behind you, the siren, finding a safe place to pull over, the embarrassment… Luckily, you have a cool head and you’re ready to LISTEN to the police [...]

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Prospective Auto Insurance Rates for 2014 Football Draft Picks

As professional football fans gear up to see which talented newcomers will join their beloved teams, your original insurance comparison company, Answer Financial® Inc., has considered the upcoming draft from another perspective: How might where these players [...]

Youthful Driver
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One factor insurance companies take into consideration when determining rates is age. A “youthful driver” is ...
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