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Guest Blog Post: Answer Financial’s Priscilla Fernandez

Please introduce yourself. What is your role at Answer Financial, and how long have you been with the company? How long have you been in insurance? Hi. My name is Priscilla Fernandez and I have been […]

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Expecting Moms – How to Prep Your Car for Your Newborn

You’ve been planning for nine months and are as ready as you’ll ever be to bring home your newborn bundle of joy. At home, a fully-equipped nursery adorned with the silkiest of blankets and softest of […]

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Renovating your home? These updates will save you (and even pay you) money

Photo Credit: Todd Quackenbush I am on the hunt for my first abode. Unfortunately, the housing market is not the easiest to break into these days. For me the choices seem to be a decent condo […]

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Is Auto Insurance Tax Deductible?

If you are self-employed, are an independent contractor or if you use your vehicle for any business purposes beyond commuting to and from work, your auto insurance premium is likely tax deductible. However, if you use […]

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Can Your Vehicle’s Color Impact Your Insurance Premium?

I’ve always admired red cars. They’re bold, full of personality and their color seems to accentuate their sleekness and ability to take a tight turn or to go from 0-60. Yes, “the red ones” seem to […]

Youthful Driver
June 24, 2011  //  Comments Off on Youthful Driver
One factor insurance companies take into consideration when determining rates is age. A “youthful driver” is ...
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