9 items smart drivers keep in their cars for emergencies

Getting caught in an emergency situation or natural disaster is something we rarely think will happen to us. As a smart driver, it’s wise to prepare for the unexpected in case you do get stuck on the road for several days at a time with no access to food, water, or a cell phone.

One way to help protect yourself during an emergency is by keeping a compact emergency kit in your trunk at all times. Here are some items the DMV recommends for your emergency car kit that will help you stay safe during a crisis.


1. Jumper Cables – in case your car or another has a dead battery.

2. Drinking Water – one gallon a day per person in your vehicle.

3. Protein-Dense Snacks – to provide you with calories and sustain your energy.

4. First-Aid Kit – including Band-Aids, gauze, cold packs, Neosporin, and duct tape.

5. Basic Tool Kit – to fix broken parts on your car to help you get moving sooner.

6. Flashlight and Batteries – for protection in the dark and to power electronic devices.

7. Warm Clothes and a Blanket – if you need to spend the night in your vehicle.

8. Two Quarts of Oil and One Gallon of Antifreeze – to change your vehicle’s fluids.

9. Flares and Reflective Triangles – to alert other drivers that you need help.

Along with your emergency car kit, it’s also smart to download a free app, like Streetwise Drivers Club™, which provides subscription-free pay-per-use roadside assistance, 24 hours a day. Simply download Streetwise Drivers Club from the App Store or Google Play and have peace of mind that help is always near when you need it most. Visit streetwisedriversclub.com for more information.

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