9 items smart drivers keep in their cars for emergencies

Getting caught in an emergency situation or natural disaster is something we rarely think will happen to us. As a smart driver, it’s wise to prepare for the unexpected with a car emergency kit, in case you do get stuck on the road for several days at a time with no access to food, water, or a cell phone.

One way to help protect yourself during an emergency is by keeping a compact emergency kit in your trunk at all times. Here are some items the DMV recommends for your emergency car kit that will help you stay safe during a crisis.


1. Jumper Cables – in case your car or another has a dead battery.

2. Drinking Water – one gallon a day per person in your vehicle.

3. Protein-Dense Snacks – to provide you with calories and sustain your energy.

4. First-Aid Kit – including Band-Aids, gauze, cold packs, Neosporin, and duct tape.

5. Basic Tool Kit – to fix broken parts on your car to help you get moving sooner.

6. Flashlight and Batteries – for protection in the dark and to power electronic devices.

7. Warm Clothes and a Blanket – if you need to spend the night in your vehicle.

8. Two Quarts of Oil and One Gallon of Antifreeze – to change your vehicle’s fluids.

9. Flares and Reflective Triangles – to alert other drivers that you need help.