Common types of car insurance discounts


Most people don’t like to think too hard about insurance. After all, it’s not the most exciting topic, and sometimes it can be downright confusing. If you’re looking for car insurance discounts, it’s worth the time and effort to determine the coverage you need and then start researching the discounts available. Some discounts are well known and advertised but others may require a little digging around in order to reap their benefits.

Common Discounts

If you’re not taking advantage of the most common discounts, you should start now.

Multiple Vehicle

Insuring multiple vehicles with the same company can reduce your premium by as much as 20 percent. There are rules about vehicles and drivers, but all drivers living in the same home should be able to meet the criteria.

Multiple Policy

If you are a homeowner or a renter you can save another 10 to 20 percent by combining your policies with one insurance provider.

Lifestyle Discounts

Seniors, students and retired people may all be eligible for money off their auto insurance policy. Certain groups and professions can also qualify for discounts from some insurance companies. Engineers, military personnel, sports associations, national clubs or college alumni associations can earn you another 8 to 10 percent in discounts.

Driving Discounts

If you don’t drive much, or if you maintain a good driving record, you can qualify for a discount as high as 35 percent from some insurance carriers for five years of accident-free driving.

Payment Discounts

You can save another 10 percent just by paying your bill online and paying your full premium upfront. Paying up front can actually make you more money than putting that premium in the bank would.

Keep on Top of Your Rates

Insurance rates are always fluctuating, so it’s important to review your policy and shop around for car insurance discounts.

Every six months, you should run a quick review of available car insurance rates to be sure you are still getting a good deal. Answer Financial makes it easy to compare top companies, so you don’t need to spend hours sorting through rates and policies. Just call our award-winning service center at 1-866-635-7777 or visit our website at

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