Does my car insurance cover water damage?

Some of you may be wondering, “Does my car insurance cover water damage?” If you currently carry comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, the answer is probably “yes.” Under most policies, comprehensive insurance will reimburse you for storm, flooding & water damage as well as theft. In fact, The Insurance Information Institute reported over 75% of auto policy holders have comprehensive coverage. It is important to note: if you only have liability coverage you will not be covered.

Instances when you are not covered

If you live in an area prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods etc, you may not be eligible for water damage caused by a natural disaster. This is known as an “exclusion area.” There may be an option to pay an extra premium to add a rider on your policy so you would be covered if a flood were to cause damage to your vehicle. When a natural disaster strikes, most insurance companies will not allow you to modify your policy to add certain types of coverage or to lower deductibles. We recommend you check with your provider during non-emergency times to make necessary modifications to your policy and inquire if your policy has exclusions for coverage from specific natural disasters.

Also, if you do not report damage caused to your vehicle within 30 days your insurance provider may deny coverage so please be sure call them in a timely manner.

We strongly recommend you check if your car insurance cover water damage sustained by your vehicle is covered by your current policy or you can call us for a complete quote. As always, we are only a click or a phone call away at & 1-800-258-5101.