10 Things to Gift Yourself After Saving on Insurance

‘Tis the season to safeguard your financial future and personal property. After saving up to $565/year* on insurance with Answer Financial, consider these smart New Year’s tips.

10 Things to Gift Yourself After Saving on Insurance:

  1. Purchase renters insurance to protect your belongings
  2. Purchase more coverage for your home and auto
  3. Take your car in for a full service and fluid change
  4. Purchase an umbrella policy
  5. Protect your belongings with a home security system
  6. Purchase a flood insurance policy for peace of mind
  7. Get your car detailed and purchase new windshield wipers
  8. Invest in tire chains if you drive in icy conditions
  9. Tint your car’s windows if you live in a hot climate
  10. Make an extra car payment to pay your loan off sooner