5 easy home DIY projects that make a big impact

After months of diligently searching the internet, setting meetings with realtors and frequenting open houses, you’ve finally come to terms that your “dream home” and your budget aren’t exactly compatible. The house you end up buying is outdated, but on a spacious property you couldn’t resist. The interior of the house has a lot of potential, and you’re willing to tackle some home DIY projects, but aren’t exactly sure where to begin. Before you get started, here are some home DIY projects to consider that will make a big impact on your home, but not on your wallet:

1) Nothing a fresh coat of paint can’t help

Before you plan on a completely gutting your new interior space, take a step back. Start with the basics, like brightening up a room with a colored accent wall. This takes minimal effort, is inexpensive and adds a custom touch to make your living space feel more like home. Take photos of your floors and furniture with you when you go paint shopping, to make sure your proposed wall colors will match your existing set up.

tree and bike wallpaper

2) Easy peel-and-stick wall

Now that you’re done with the basics, it’s time to fill that empty wall space with some tasteful art. Peel-and-stick wall décor is not permanent, making it perfect for dorms, apartments and other rented spaces. It’s also a guilt-free solution for parents of kids and teens who tend to change their style often. There are literally thousands of designs under $10 to choose from that can be installed within minutes, making this a fun project the whole family can enjoy.

placing tile on a wall

3) Instant backsplash for kitchen or bath

Tiling can make a kitchen or bathroom look gorgeous, but it can be a pricey addition that involves many steps and usually a contractor’s help. But for some types of tile, now there are DIY options that don’t require the full steps of installation, such as leveling and grouting. Like the wall décor mentioned above, there are also tons of DIY stick-and-peel backsplashes on the market that sometimes take just minutes to install. Tiling adds an updated look and feel in comparison to dingy paint, yellowing wallpaper or boring linoleum.

an organized closet

4) Closet/space organizers

Maximizing closets and other storage space is essential, especially if you are in a condo or smaller house that does not have a garage or outside shed. Adding a shelving system or set of drawers in your closet can help you store items vertically instead of wasting unused space. Retailers like IKEA and Home Depot sell organizing systems that fit a variety of standard and non-standard closets. You can order shelves and drawers in different sizes to meet your exact needs.

view of a living room

5) Blinds vs. curtains

Finally, before you say goodnight to your long day of DIYing, make sure you find a window treatment that works for both the day and the evening. Wooden shutters and roller blinds are great for keeping out the sunlight during sunset and early morning hours when you’re trying to sleep in. Dressing up your shutters with some decorative curtains are visually appealing, and can be shut when the shutters are open to keep the sunlight in, but the glare out

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