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Author: Haylee T.

happily married

Getting Engaged? Congratulations! Read this.

By Haylee T.

With engagement season drawing to a close (i.e., Thanksgiving – Valentine’s Day) some of you lucky ladies and gentlemen have already plunged into the hectic…

Hammock on coconut trees

Our Best Tips for Enjoying Your 2013 Winter Vacation

By Haylee T.

For many of us working stiffs, vacation almost feels like a necessary part of life.  It’s a time of escape from worry, stress, and…

Jack-o-lanterns lit up in the dark

Is Homeowner’s Insurance Necessary for a Haunted House? – Halloween 2013

By Haylee T.

Today is Halloween and most people aren’t thinking about insurance.  They’re thinking about ghosts, goblins, kids, and candy.  They’re thinking about Hocus Pocus, bobbing…