Author: Chad Catacchio

Is it ever too late to file an auto or home insurance claim?

Is it ever too late to file an auto or home insurance claim?

By Chad Catacchio

Is it ever too late to file a claim with your auto or home insurance provider? The answer may surprise you – in most…

out of state Driver License

I don’t have a driver’s license, can I still get car insurance?

By Chad Catacchio

I don’t have a valid driver’s license – can I still get car insurance? With a few exceptions that we’ll go over below, the…

Emergency tow truck

Towing after an accident? You should involve your insurance company

By Chad Catacchio

You’ve been in an accident that will require your car to be towed. You’ve called the police and they are on their way to…

A modern light blue sports car in a car dealership

Insuring your new car with existing car insurance coverage

By Chad Catacchio

So you are in the market for a brand new car. You’ve been visiting dealerships, test driving, doing online research and now you’ve narrowed…

a white Kia Soul parjed inside a showroom

Joint car loan auto insurance tips

By Chad Catacchio

Getting a joint car loan is a serious commitment for both parties. When it comes to auto insurance, there are additional things to consider when deciding…

vehicle flipped in a car accident

8 things you should do immediately after a car accident

By Chad Catacchio

A car accident can happen at anytime, but do you know what you should do when you’re involved in one? To answer this question…

Toyota Prius parked at a residential area

Car sharing: would you rent your car out by the hour to a stranger?

By Chad Catacchio

Rental cars have been around for decades, and even newer alternative rental car services such as Zipcar are well established now, but a new…

Car been hit from the front

Under-insured and uninsured: What’s the difference?

By Chad Catacchio

Let’s say you have been in a serious accident and you were not found to be at fault. Not only was your car totaled,…

How does auto insurance work when you drive across state lines?

How car insurance works when you cross state lines

By Chad Catacchio

Ever wondered how car insurance works when you cross state lines? All car insurance policies are valid nationwide. If you carry relatively strong coverage…

10 Dangerous Ways Drivers Get Distracted - Infographic

10 dangerous driver distractions

By Chad Catacchio

With summer in full swing and millions of Americans going on road trips, driver safety is never more important to keep at the top…