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Smart hacks for the homebuying process

By alutovsky

Whether upgrading, downsizing or buying your first home – you’re sure to find some of these tips on the homebuying process to be helpful.…

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5 ways Answer Financial leads in insurance comparison shopping

By alutovsky

In Consumer Reports’ review of car insurance ads it advises consumers to check insurance rates online. However, insurance comparison sites are not created equally.…

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3 easy ways to save on car insurance

By alutovsky

For many of us, the new year is a new leaf and it’s a must to kick off the New Year with renewed inspiration,…

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How to insurance-proof your remodel during construction

By alutovsky

Maybe it’s the availability of Pinterest to help us virtually envision our dream homes, or maybe it’s purely an economic decision, but more and…

Find your perfect insurance match

Eight ways insurance is like online dating

By alutovsky

The way people communicate dramatically differs from just 10 or 15 years ago. Armed with a collection of coveted connected devices, the world of…

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Expecting moms – how to prep your car for your newborn

By alutovsky

You’ve been planning for nine months and are as ready as you’ll ever be to bring home your newborn bundle of joy. At home,…

Home renovation

Renovating your home? These updates will save you (and even pay you) money

By alutovsky

I am on the hunt for my first abode. Unfortunately, the housing market is not the easiest to break into these days. For me…

Who pays more for insurance, Red or Blue states?

Who pays more for car insurance: Red States or Blue States?

By alutovsky

With politics on the cumulative mind of the nation, we elected to look at the race in another way: which political party wins for…

Who are better drivers: men or women?

By alutovsky

Women are bad drivers…Right? At least that’s how the old adage goes, but let’s take a look at the facts. According to the National Highway Traffic…