Author: Andrew

Bright red camaro

Can car color impact insurance?

By Andrew

I’ve always admired red cars. They’re bold, full of personality and their color seems to accentuate their sleekness and ability to take a tight…

Football Team Auto Insurance

Which college football team’s hometown pays the least for car insurance?

By Andrew

For all the college football fans out there planning to spend the new year barreling through back-to-back bowl games, Answer Financial has taken a…

Supplement Discounts

Common types of car insurance discounts

By Andrew

Most people don’t like to think too hard about insurance. After all, it’s not the most exciting topic, and sometimes it can be downright…

Bike mounted on rack behind SUV

Are bicycles and bike racks covered by car insurance?

By Andrew

Ah! The joy of bike racks! Yes, they can be a struggle to put on your vehicle but we think its a small price…

Taking Selfies in the car

Tips to maintain focus while driving

By Andrew

It is a multitasking, second-screen kind of world. Self-driving cars should be here by now, but they aren’t quite there yet. Those two facts…

Rear mirror view of police car

Advice for getting out of a ticket

By Andrew

It’s a terrible feeling… the red and blue lights flashing behind you, the siren, finding a safe place to pull over, the embarrassment. Luckily,…

Insurance Madness infographic

Which basketball hometown wins for lowest insurance?

By Andrew

Inspired by the excitement of the 2014 men’s college basketball tournament, Answer Financial has taken a look at which top team takes home the…

infographic - average savings on insurance annually

Our customers report an average savings of $429* on insurance annually.

By Andrew

Our customers report an average savings of $429* on insurance annually through Answer Financial. This infographic shares some the ways to celebrate the savings.…

Football laying on field

Bowl championship series + car insurance rates – infographic

By Andrew

Although we’re not a pigskin prognosticator, here at Answer Financial we looked at car insurance rates for the college towns* with teams scheduled in…

College Football Ranking Infographic - Average Insurance Premium by City

College football ranking: average insurance premium by city

By Andrew

College football is in full-swing and we couldn’t help but satiate our curiosities by researching which of these cities on the latest BCS poll pay…