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Car with a rear quarter panel dent

Should I get rental car insurance?

By Andrew

Should I purchase the rental car insurance that is offered? Finding a clear answer to this decision after you’ve spent the day flying and…

Yellow school bus with the stop sign engaged

How does online traffic school affect my insurance rates?

By Andrew

If you’ve ever had a speeding ticket, you’ve probably debated if it’s worth going to traffic school to avoid a point on your driving…

Holiday travel items laid on a table

Holiday travel tips to keep you safe and saving

By Andrew

If you are heading home for the holidays, the last thing you are probably thinking is, ‘am I insured for that?’ Wherever your travels…

Winter driving

Top 10 winter driving tips

By Andrew

Depending on where you live, driving in winter can be a challenge. Simple treks can becoming seemingly unsurmountable as heavy snow covers the asphalt…

Auto Insurance Deductibles Demystified!

Auto insurance deductibles demystified!

By Andrew

Figuring out the correct auto insurance deductibles amount for you should not be a mystery. There’s a relatively simple way to determine the deductible…

A raised hand with a panoramic street background

Travel tips for car insurance while on a road trip

By Andrew

What is one recurring holiday that elicits excitement from people, young and old alike? It’s the weekend! 60+ glorious hours are granted to everyone…

Bright red camaro

Can car color impact insurance?

By Andrew

I’ve always admired red cars. They’re bold, full of personality and their color seems to accentuate their sleekness and ability to take a tight…

Football Team Auto Insurance

Which college football team’s hometown pays the least for car insurance?

By Andrew

For all the college football fans out there planning to spend the new year barreling through back-to-back bowl games, Answer Financial has taken a…

Supplement Discounts

Common types of car insurance discounts

By Andrew

Most people don’t like to think too hard about insurance. After all, it’s not the most exciting topic, and sometimes it can be downright…

Taking Selfies in the car

Tips to maintain focus while driving

By Andrew

It is a multitasking, second-screen kind of world. Self-driving cars should be here by now, but they aren’t quite there yet. Those two facts…